Rey Lambie, President

Hanging up my skates after my 8-year competitive hockey career challenged me to determine what role sports would play in my life. Being a passionate former athlete, I am striving to develop my career in the sports industry. RCSS helped me recognize this by promoting healthy active living, community, and athleticism at U of T. 


As the president of this organization, I am proud to unite the Rotman Commerce community of devoted sports fans, gym-goers, former athletes, varsity and intramural players. With the help of the RCSS team, together, we strive to support student wellness and explore the sports industry.


Victoria Hatanaka, Vice - President

I have always been a huge sports fan, so naturally I was excited for the opportunity to get more involved within Rotman and getting to put on events that bring students together who share the same passion for sports. After going to RCSS’ Sports Industry Night where reps from the Blue Jays, MLSE, and the NBA spoke, I knew that this was a group that I wanted to be a part of. I’m very excited for all the events we have planned for this year and am looking forward to contributing to the growth of RCSS!

Growing up I did gymnastics and ballet and then throughout high school I played basketball, track and field, and swam. Out of everything, swimming stuck and I’ve been working as a Lifeguard and teaching swim lessons in the summers! Currently, I like to stay active by going to the gym and going to fitness classes!


 Kevin Sallaku, Director of Finance

I joined Rotman Commerce Student Sports for numerous reasons. As both an active participant and a spectator, I am extremely passionate about sports. Furthermore, as an aspiring professional, I aim to utilize my strengths in financial analysis to make a positive impact on an overall organization. As a result, RCSS was the optimal group for me to combine my passions for finance and sport.

My favourite sport is hockey. I have been an active ice hockey player over the past 10 years, and an active participant in UofT ball hockey intramurals. Furthermore, I am also an avid Leafs fan. My other sports of interest include soccer, tennis, and swimming!

Victoria Cheung, Director of Marketing

I’ve always had a great passion for sports. Growing up, while playing volleyball with my teammates, I always found it to be a very energetic and encouraging environment that allowed me to push myself to work harder and improve. I joined RCSS because when I first heard about the club, I was very inspired by the idea of combining my love for sports and business together. I’m excited to learn more about the sports-business industry and meet new people in the RC community with similar interests!


Nicholas Dinatolo, Director of Events

I’m going into my fourth year. My specialist is management with focuses in marketing, leadership and strategy & innovation. Sports have always been a large part of my life. My favourites are soccer and hockey, but I have been known to watch any sport I can find on TV. I played soccer and hockey competitively for my entire childhood and I still manage to play with friends any chance I get. I support all the Toronto teams and the football clubs from my family’s hometowns, Cosenza and Crotone. Italy winning the World Cup in ’06 and Team Canada’s golden goal at the 2010 Olympics are my favourite sports moments. I joined RCSS for two reasons. Firstly, the organization combined my greatest passion with my education. Secondly, it allowed me to connect with the Rotman community to make a difference in both present and future students’ lives. Outside of sports, I am a huge foodie. I love to cook…mostly because I like to eat and try new things. My favourite shows are Mad Men and The Office. Hope to meet you all soon! Cheers!


Farah Radwan, Director of Corporate Relations

I have always had a love for sports because, no matter what the circumstances, it would always bring people together. In university, I wanted to find a club like RCSS that would help enrich that community at RC. I was also really intrigued by RCSS’ events that showed how to bring together a love for sports and a passion for business, instead of being restricted to a small set of industries or companies.

I love watching movies and TV shows of all genres. My favourite show is Friends and my favourite sport is soccer!


Victor Mo, Marketing Committee

I’ve found sports to be a very interesting topic that brings people of all kinds together while also keeping participants healthy and active. I have embraced various kinds of athletics ever since I was a child and they were a big part of me growing up, so naturally I was keen on participating in a club that brings sports and business together.

I currently ski, play tennis, soccer, and have been an Ontario Soccer referee for the last 4 years.

IMG_7268 2.jpg

Kareem Zohdy, Marketing Committee

I’m going into second year and plan on specializing in Management. I decided to join RCSS because it allows me to be part of a community that shares the same passion of sports, for its recreational and business purposes. I hope this organization will allow its members to pursue a career in the sports industry, or enable them to achieve their desired level of health and wellness. My favourite sport is beach volleyball so hit me up if you wanna play this summer (contingent on covid-19 being resolved!!)


Alim Meralli, Events Committee

I'm currently in my 1st year planning to specialize in accounting. My hobbies and passions include playing sports, video games, watching Netflix (currently mindhunter and ozark). My favourite sport is basketball. I also like to play tennis and badminton as well.