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Rey Lambie, President

Hanging up my skates after my 8-year competitive hockey career challenged me to determine what role sports would play in my life. Being a passionate former athlete, I am striving to develop my career in the sports industry. RCSS helped me recognize this by promoting healthy active living, community, and athleticism at U of T. 


As the president of this organization, I am proud to unite the Rotman Commerce community of devoted sports fans, gym-goers, former athletes, varsity and intramural players. With the help of the RCSS team, together, we strive to support student wellness and explore the sports industry.


Victoria Cheung, Vice - President

I’ve always had a great passion for sports. Growing up, while playing volleyball with my teammates, I always found it to be a very energetic and encouraging environment that allowed me to push myself to work harder and improve. I joined RCSS because when I first heard about the club, I was very inspired by the idea of combining my love for sports and business together. I’m excited to learn more about the sports-business industry and meet new people in the RC community with similar interests!

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 Dan Grigorayeb, Director of Finance

Rotman Commerce Students in Sports fosters a unique community unlike any other within Rotman Commerce which effectively bridges the gap between students and the sports-business world. Growing up watching NBA, NFL, and NHL games, I was an avid fan of athletics from a young age and played all kinds of sports. Watching the Step Up movie series further inspired me to become a competitive hip-hop dancer and b-boy! Coming in to UofT, I knew I wanted to get involved within sports community and by joining RCSS as an intern and progressing my way into the Director of Finance role, I am able to combine my passions for both finance and athletics and put my skills to their best use.


Victor Mo, Director of Marketing

I’ve found sports to be a very interesting topic that brings people of all kinds together while also keeping participants healthy and active. I have embraced various kinds of athletics ever since I was a child and they were a big part of me growing up, so naturally I was keen on participating in a club that brings sports and business together.

I currently ski, play tennis, soccer, and have been an Ontario Soccer referee for the last 4 years.


Dominic Rogala, Director of Events

The reason behind joining RCSS for me was to refine my skills and to create meaningful contributions in an industry that is very important to me. Furthermore, I also want to shine a light on more underappreciated aspects of the field of sports business to the Rotman community and will do all I can to do so. In my spare time, basketball and tennis are my go-to sports for staying active!

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Suhas Sreekanth, Director of Corporate Relations

Sports is something that was not very intuitive to me as a kid, but I always found myself surrounded by friends who were really into sports. Most team sports that I played with my friends like basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball among others proved to me that you do not need be the most talented player to have some good time. In fact, the same group of friends that helped me discover my passion for sports are still the same people I play football and soccer with when I can catch a break! Joining RCSS is something that brought out that same feel of teamwork and camaraderie which made me feel the passion for sports, and with my RCSS team, I love to continue to share our love for sports and the way business and marketing can intertwine to show what sports can offer. As the Director of Corporate Relations, I would love to continue to develop the portfolio of representatives for our future events.

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Kareem Zohdy, Director of Internal Affairs

I’m going into third year and plan on specializing in Management. I decided to join RCSS because it allows me to be part of a community that shares the same passion of sports, for its recreational and business purposes. I hope this organization will allow its members to pursue a career in the sports industry, or enable them to achieve their desired level of health and wellness. My favourite sport is beach volleyball so hit me up if you wanna play this summer (contingent on covid-19 being resolved!!)


Colin Jia, Marketing Committee

I joined RCSS because I have always been into sports, and I wanted to continue to get involved in sports even during university. When I first saw the club description, I knew I had to join this club, and having been here for a year, it has only reinforced my passion for sports, while also widening my perspective towards the business side of the sports industry. I play badminton on the Canadian national team, and I hope that I will be able to represent both the university and the country in future competitions. Aside from badminton, I also ski, swim, play volleyball, frisbee, and some football as well.


Miranda Cox, Marketing Committee

I'm going into my third year of Rotman Commerce specializing in accounting. I decided to join RCSS because it allows me to be part of a community who shares a mutual passion for sports, as well as the business industry. I grew up doing both competitive Irish dance and soccer but changed gears in high school to track and field.


Ethan Hung, Events Committee

I’m currently in fourth year, specializing in finance and economics. I joined RCSS because since I have been a student here in Rotman, I have found myself paying more attention to the connection sports has with business, which has really broadened the view I have when looking at sports and sports news. I enjoy playing all sports, but my favourites to watch are football (NFL), baseball, and basketball.


Justin Prager-Shulga, Events Committee

My name is Justin Prager-Shulga and I am going into my third year at Rotman Commerce as an accounting specialist. When im not in lecture I enjoy swimming and working out! You may have seen me around at kickboxing with RCSS or at one of the many Tim Hortons around campus.


Luca Dallan, CR Committee

My name is Luca Dallan, and I am a committee member in the Corporate Relations Portfolio at Rotman Commerce Students in Sports (RCSS). Growing up I always tried to get involved in as many sports as I could. Whether it was organized sport, or just for recreation, I always found that sports were an excellent way of building relationships while encouraging everybody to lead healthy lifestyles. I joined RCSS because it allows me to get involved with the Rotman Commerce community with a group of amazing people that share my passion for sports, while aiding my fellow commerce students deepen their knowledge about the sports industry. I have competed in both indoor and beach volleyball and am very excited to get to play again when it is safe to do so.


Kit Cheung, CR Committee

As a devoted sports fan, I realized that there were limitless opportunities outside of simply an athletic career within the sports industry. With a developing passion for business strategic development and fostering professional career relations for mutual benefits, RCSS provided the optimal opportunity for me to interconnect both active living, sports athletic as well as corporate business relations within the industry. 

Growing up, I was competitively engaged in sports as a national swimmer, varsity soccer centre-back and a cross country runner. I also have interest in other sports such as basketball (Go Toronto/Tampa Raptors), table tennis and badminton. I am excited for the upcoming year to learn more about the sports-business industry with RCSS, as well as meeting new people in the RC community with similarly-aligned interests!

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