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UofT Resources

Rotman Commerce Portal


The Rotman Portal allows students to explore a variety of career and volunteer positions through job postings and interactive workshops. It also features a wide range of on-campus events including career services, case competitions, networking opportunities, etc. In addition to academic services where students can find professional support in areas such as recruitment, resume/cover letter, and other career related services. 

Academic Writing Centre


Are you a student who's worried about submitting a paper, well fear no more! At UofT, there is an academic writing centre at each college making it easily accessible no matter which residence you are placed in. This resource provides students osupport with experienced writing instructors, in addition to workshops and courses that will help you become a talented writer.

Past Exam Repository

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The Exam Repository is a great resource for any student looking to gain extra practice before writing a final. It includes a collection of previous exams from different professors so that you are fully prepared. Simply enter your course code in the search bar to view the selection of past exams.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar provides detailed information with regards to UofT programs. It outlines different potential pathways as well as the courses required to complete in order to qualify for a degree. A list of courses relating to each program is also included to identify courses that you wish to pursue.

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Student Life

The student life platform provides students with valuable resources to expand their university experience beyond a lecture hall. This can take form through community involvement by joining a club, studying abroad, or being part of a mentorship program.

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